• Blushing Over this Fall Essential

    The TWO things I look forward to the most in fall is layering and finding many ways to wear just one piece. I saw this blush slip dress on Tobi and I had to have it! What colors are you loving this fall? I'm loving this blush velvet fabric that is everywhere. I love that such a delicate and soft color is being worn this time of year... and it might just be my favorite color in general! Are you obsessed with slip dresses that can be worn under EVERYTHING! I'm wearing the Blush Terrell Velvet Shift Dress and comes in 3 other colors:)

    Shop more of my favorite shifts from Tobi here:) Wear the under long tunics, shift dresses, long duster cardigans. So many fun ways to layer. What do you love most about fall clothing

  • Bringing a little Sass to Motherhood

    While I'm trying to bring a little sass to motherhood and how I dress ...you might see someone else stealing the show, per usual! Isla always has these sassy poses (scroll to the bottom) when the camera comes out. It must be from all those days I brought her to Rosewood (my old clothing store) with me.

    Anyhow enough about Isla! LOL. Has anyone else been seeing all these cute sweaters dresses on insta paired with over the knee boots? I'm kind of obsessed, and when I saw this dress on Tobi I knew I had to try out this trend!

    When I received mine from Tobi, I was super excited to style it. I wore one of my favorite bodysuits under it. This dress is super comfy and easy to play with the girls in. FYI, the faux wrap part doesn't open at all, so it won't show your bra or anything like that (mom concerns)

    Well, we had a blast at the Little Man Ice Cream (which is an institution around here), playing and choosing a pumpkin. They also have a fantastic slide and hula hoops for the kids to slide down. They seriously have thought of everything! Loving this area of Denver and can't wait to head to Salida next month.





  • A Little Off The Shoulder Action

    Am I the only one that wears my sweaters out and over my PJs in the evening? I'm a sucker for anything off the shoulder. This style accentuates my favorite part of my body my collar bones. I've needed more sweaters like this while we've been in Denver.  Since we have been traveling to warm places for the last nine months, my wardrobe needed a little Fall Haul, thanks to Tobi!:) 

    Also, can I confess that I've never really been a red girl when it comes to clothes....BUT I really love this burgundy or wine color... whatever you want to call it! So glad it's a favorite color this season too. 

    You can wear this sweater from Tobi so many ways off the shoulder, like a boat neck or kind of throw it on like a cowl neck, so many options!

  • Pretty In Hot Pink

    Post Image

    I'm pretty sure I was the only one wearing hot pink at the Denver Botanical Garden Chatterfield farms this weekend. I've tried on a handful of hot pink sweaters recently and they just weren't right for this 5'2" bod. Love this one that under $60. Check out my other picks.



  • Florals & Polka Dots

    Fall is by far my favotie season! I've been loving the mix and match print trend for the last few years and I've finally found the perfect outfit!

    I'm finding that in Denver not that many girls dress up which is making me want to dress up even more:) 

    Shop these under $50 looks.


  • Breckenridge and the FIRST snow fall!

    While staying in Frisco we decided to visit Breckenridge since it's only 20 minutes up the road.  If I had to rate my fav town this weekend it would be Breckenridge, Frisco and then Vail!

    Cullen and the girls and I headed to a cute little children's museum and then got juice and smoothie bowls at_____. Breckenridge has a pretty chill vibe to it and super artsy! I loved a number of families roaming around and all the cute little boutiques, restaurants and this little crepe truck we saw:) There was a really fun art installation that the girls loved and my favorite thing of all is the leaves were changing!!!

    Then headed back for naps and cozy time by the fireplace. It rained the rest of the afternoon BUT then the rain turned into SNOW!!!!!!That's right I just wrote SNOW! I wouldn't say that I love snow, but there is something about it snowing in the mountains that is just magical!

    In all my life I've never seen SNOW in September!! it was pretty dreamy being in the mountains and coming out of dinner to see the top of the mountains covered:) As we headed back home the next day all we could do was ooh and ahh while gazing at the snow cap mountains. then the fog, and then the leaves changing colors it was such sight and I felt so thankful that we got to enjoy such beauty!



  • Weekend Getaway to the Mountains

    Headed to the mountains last weekend for my SIL's Ember & Aura pop-up shop in Vail. This was my first time in Vail and my first time really being in the mountains, AND I  LOVED IT! How have I been a beach girl for the last 9 months but now I feel more like a mountain girl!! Can you be both? 

    We drove up to Vail on Thursday before we checked into our Airbnb. It was simply breathtaking... you kinda felt like you were in the Swiss Alps and not in Colorado! We ate at a yummy little beer garden where we were surrounded by people speaking all different languages.  The girls were charming everyone as they laughed and walked through town. Isla found a fountain that she decided she wanted to splash in even though it was 60 degrees out! After that, we found some new friends big bird and Elmo and then headed to our Airbnb. Which I thought Vail was adorable but Frisco charmed me instantly and maybe was more my speed. A cute charming town that truly looked like a mountain town surrounded by the mountains gorgeous blue skies and lots of cute boutiques and restaurants. 

    The next day I helped my SIL with her Sustainable Vail Pop-up for a few hours and did some window shopping and then headed back to have lunch with the girls! 

    Seriously love the vibe of the mountains, how they make you feel in awe and at peace with everything. So thankful for all our little trips around Colorado to get a better feel of our beautiful country!

    Have you visited Colorado? Do you have a favorite spot that we must see?? I would love to know!

  • Colorado Springs, The Garden of the Gods Park

    So guys, I' think I'm becoming a mountain person!! It's crazy to think we've spent the last 8 months living by the beach and although I loved it I am truly taken with the mountains right now!

    The Garden of the Gods is so breathtaking and there is something about driving down a road and then all of a sudden these huge red rocks appear and they are absolutely gorgeous and unexpected! 

    I feel like since we've gotten to Denver I've needed to up the girls' wardrobe we really only had summer clothes from the last few months and as we roll into fall it's getting chilly here and especially when we are up in the mountains. My SIL laughs every time we talk and I tell her that there is a SUPER TARGET nearby and it seriously has the best selection of clothing for kids and clothing for mamas! I mean, have you check out the Who What Wear Collection? I could never find it online but the super target has it all!

    Outfit details:

    Isla's outfit is from top and sweatshirt from Target and leggings here, My Jacket old Lululemon similar here, jeans and basic white tee , similar hat here, shoes.

    If you've been to Denver or Colorado and you have any must-have places we need to see, please let me know!!



  • Road Trip to Little Rock & Fort Worth

    It's hard to believe we've been back in the states for 1 MONTH! Ahhh, where is the time going? We've been to Sea Girt, New Jersey; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Troy, Ohio; Terra Haute, Indiana; Risco, Missouri; Little Rock, Arkansas; Fort Wort, Texas; Amarillo, Texas and making our way to Denver, Colorado for the entire month of September.

    We're so very thankful for this time we get to see and play with friends and family. We keep saying we only have this one life and we need to live our life to the fullest now not when we retire or when our kids go off to school. So here we are only planning one month at a time!!

    Here's to living your best life!


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