• Alfaberry, Australian Kids Fashion

    Since arriving in Australia I've become obsessed with many Australian brands. I found Alfaberry on another travel bloggers insta. When I reached out to them they said they would love to collab. I got to pick two sweet dresses from there adorable collection for Isla. This white eyelet Broderie Bell Sleeve Dress is my personal favorite. I love the high low hem line and the quality is pretty amazing, it's fully lined. I seriously would love one of these in my size...lol.

    I find it funny  that even at a young age my favorite is dress or outfit is never Islas! I mean how does this already start at 3! I did pick out both these dresses but her favorite is the one shoulder kelly green shift. She wore it all day and then threw a fit because she wanted to wear it to bed. Ha ha! I almost let her but then that would of started a hard routine to get out of.

    They also have really cute boy tops, bottoms and pullovers. 

    Here are some of my other top picks for girls and boys.

  • Top 15 things to do in Port Douglas, Queensland

    While in Port Douglas we worked closely with Tourism Port Douglas to make sure we had the most authentic Australian experience while we were there for a month.  
    They did not disappoint. They helped us find the right tours that were family friendly and in our budget. If your looking for the locals that have the insider knowledge look no further.
    After everything we did there, here are our top 15 things to do in Port Douglas for families.
    1. Sunday Markets in Port Douglas. A must try is the coconut stand - super yummy but also super healthy. This lady and her family harvest coconuts from their own land and every Sunday they set up shop at the market. After you purchase your coconut, there's a delicious protocol. First, drink the coconut water, then hand it back the coco mistress. She'll cut it in half and shred the inside with a power tool to make coconut flakes. Then you choose your own adventure:  bananas and coconut syrup for sweet or beans, greens and tamarind sauce for savory. Both our 3 yr old and 11 month old loved it!  All in all the market is quaint and fun - you can buy fresh fruit, handmade dresses, toys, custom necklaces and lots more next door to a historical church on gorgeous inlet. Prices range from $-$$$ all depending on the booth. A must see!
    2. Rent a car. Being able to see so many amazing places on your own timetable is priceless, but if you choose to go self-guided, you'll save some money on tours, too.
    3. Do a Walkabout with local indiginous leaders, the Walker Brothers, came highly recommended. We weren't able to go because Isla got sick but this is a MUST if you go. The locals even take the tour...thats how you know it's good!,  You'll gain amazing insight into aboriginal culture, Go crab hunting, sample some bush tucker, and learn about the local culture.
    4. Picnic like its 1917. Yes, the simple pleasures seem to be on steroids in Port Douglas. Grab a bottle of wine, a baguette, ham cheeses and fresh fruit and head to the beach to watch the sunset. It’s pretty magical.
    5. Morning and evening walks on 4 Mile Beach were some of my favorite moments. Also the coolest time to swim in the water, too - so grab a spontaneous beach workout and then plunge in the water. Although the beach side technically doesn't get the sunset, it does tend to get gorgeous pink clouds at sunrise and sunset.
    6. Boat watching. Grab Fish and Chips and take it to watch the sail boats roll in around 4:30 by the palm trees we did this a handful of times, because (bonus alert) there was a playground right there, too.
    7. Go to Mossman Gorge to swim. These sacred Aboriginal lands are littered with swimming holes - but this one is spectacular and well-organized. Pack a lunch and have a picnic by the water. Mind the current, but don’t be scared to wade in by the rocks if you've got bubs (I love how they call their kids "bubs". I will die and come back Aussie).
    8. See the world's oldest rainforest. No big deal - just millions of years old alongside the breathtaking Coral Sea and infested with giant dinosaur-looking birds -- that I feel weird admitting I had never heard of until I saw one with my own two eyes -- Cassowaries. The Daintree Rainforest is an hour north of Port Douglas. Hike the trails, check out the beaches and have a lovely lunch at one of the many spots along the way. Also YOU MUST have some Ice Cream from the Daintree Ice Cream Co. As you drive in you are driving right through their fruit orchard. IT WAS DELICIOUS. We tried their sample cup with four delicious scoops of ice cream. Passion fruit, Durian, Soursop, and Mulberry. Isla slurped her cup and said, "mo'."
    9. Sho-pping! Spend the day shopping around Port Douglas. Take a pit stop at the sweet book store in town they have toys and books to read and coffee and treats for you while you sit and relax. Also, you must stop in and see my buddy at With Sugar, she has the perfect selection of gifts for anyone on your souvenir list. Then grab a nice coffee next store at The Little Larder. Pro tip: don't try to order a cup of coffee anywhere in Australia. The attempt will go down in flames. It's called a long black. I had a memory lapse at Little Larder and was taken to task quickly!
    10. Photo op! If you like views (and you know I do), head up to the look out. From this vantage point you can get the best view of 4 mile beach:)
    11. Do an Outback Safari, Kathryn style. And by Kathryn style, I mean there shall be scones. We drove through the stunning Julatten hills (wild Kangaroos spotted: 1) on a day trip to Yungaburra, the cutest little outback town - the kind that has lamp posts adorned with flowers for no reason. We had an amazing brunch at The Whistle Stop Cafe (the sheer poundage of the scones' cream still prances in my dreams). Later on Isla and Gisele played in the local library, Cullen hunted for duck-billed platypus, and we all made friends with a little girl named Josephine. Her family owns the only Christmas tree farm in the area. From here we headed to a near by waterfall-slash-swimming hole to cool off, where we promptly crashed a 4 year old's b-day party!
    12. Head to Kuranda, an aboriginal town in the mountains. Or better yet, skim through the touristy town and go look in awe at Barron Falls. There's also a pretty train ride you can take that we weren't able to do, but from what I hear it's really worth it, check it out here.
    13. Of course, you have to check out the Great Barrier Reef! I mean, how can you not? It’s one of the wonders of the world and it’s absolutely breath taking. We took Calypso Tours  thanks to Tourism Port Douglas. We were really impressed with Calypso Tours they did an amazing job. They had great staff we enjoyed high tea when we first got on and had a big spread for lunch. The staff played peek a boo with the girls and they shared with us what we would see at each reef so we knew what we were looking at when we went snorkeling.  Read more of our experience and how to do it with kids here.
    14. We loved The Wildlife Habitat. We got to see koalas, ducks, wallabies, snakes and crocodiles up close and there was no one else there! And we got to FEED kangaroos, too! What do they eat you ask? Roo food of course 🙂
    15. Meet a giant hungry fish named George. Grab a beer and a bucket of shrimp at the On the Inlet and wait for the George the 250KG Groper to make his appearance for dinner (unfortunately, in Australia they call Grouper "Groper" - though trust me, George is not a molester). He is seriously huge and quite the sight! It gets kinda crowed so show up early to grab a seat by the water.  
    If you've been to Port Douglas and you feel I've missed something please share!! If you haven't been...add this to your bucket list!
  • Last Week in Port Douglas

    From now on I'm going to start my weeks off with highs and lows! I think it will help me reflect on the week past and it will be fun to go back and read with every new place we visit! Can't believe this is our last week in Port Douglas. We  head to Sydney this Friday to meet up with my parents!! I'm not sure who is more excited me or Isla! I seriously think I might cry when I see them!! Friday can't come soon enough!

    Loving the Australian Accent

    Not a fan of  jelly fish and croc warnings at the beach. They have vinegar in a bottle just incase you get stung:) Ekk! No thanks!
    Loving the vibe in Port Douglas. It’s so chill here and all the shops are so cute. Love the fact that you can walk everywhere.
    Not a fan of how long it takes mail to get here. I order some things from when we were in Bali… Which was a month ago from Australian companies and they are still NOT here!
    Loving morning walks on the beach and evening swims (when there is no jelly fish) and evening strolls.
    Not a fan of being exhausted last week. I hit a wall last week and was sick and in bed for two days! No fun!
    Loving having a car here so we can take day trips on a whim.
    Not a fan of Gisele eating everything in sight. Somehow i forgot about the crawling phase when you get any crumbs, leaves or sand. 
    Loving how Isla and Gisele are playing together more and more. In the morning I’ll find Isla in Gisele’s Pack n play and they are laughing and kicking their feet
    Not a fan of the time difference between here and the states. Makes it hard to get a hold of family and friends. 
    Loving my Gathre Mat! It seriously comes to the rescue on every adventure we’ve been on!
    Not a fan of the white dragon fruit… that’s right i’m being a DIVA about my dragon fruit. 
    Loving Sam from Port Douglas Tourism he has been so helpful with booking excursions and advising on the it things for us to do while were here.
    Not a fan of Cyclone Debbie that's suppose to be making appearance this week. NO THANKS!
    Loving the views from all around the island. This place is so picturesque.
    Well we are packing in lots of excursions this week since it's a our last week here (tear) So stay tuned for some amazing pictures from the Great Barrier  Reef, and our walkabout adventure.
  • Date Night Outfit

    I posted this look on Instagram and it got rave review so I'm posting were I got this look from. Believe it or not it's TWO pieces. I've worn both these items so many times this year. Confession! The top is a body suit! I know I can't believe I'm embracing this trend again...BUT I am. I didn't think I would be a bodysuit person but I kinda have become an addict. I brought 5 bodysuits with me for this year abroad. Two v-neck tee body suits, a ruffle off the shoulder, a multi way one and this v low cut one. I love that you don't have to mess with trying to keep your shirt tucked in and you can truly dress them up or down! I've been wearing mine with this double slit skirt, ripped jean shorts, nicer shorts from anthropology and maxi skirts. 

    For all my girls that like to keep things plain and simple. These are the bodysuits for you!

    1. This deep V Neck Bodysuit is a sure thing. Wear it with high waisted jeans, cut off shorts, or a maxi skirt. and it's so easy. You don't have to fuss with it to keep it tucked in:)

    2. Because you would be a fool to just by the deep v bodysuit in just one color.

    3. Is a bodysuit already a stretch for you? Then try this basic stripe one. You will surely fool all your friends into thinking it's just a plain ole top.

    4. This crew neck tee is great for layering and similar to the basic V-neck can go with just about any bottom. Comes in 5 different colors.

    5. I don't know about you but I can't get enough of the off the shoulder trend this year! This Off the shoulder bodysuit is calling my name.


    Love getting dressed up or wearing skirts and can never find the right tops? I'm pretty sure bodysuits are the answer! 

    6. I just keep seeing this trend with the bow in the back of the bodysuit and I really really want one of these for myself but we are in Summer weather here, and it just doesn't make sense. tear.

    7. I actually packed this convertible bodysuit in my suitcase and I'm so glad I did. You can wear it up to 12 different ways. It's given me tons of options since i can't pack a ton.

    8. This classic Deep V- neck Bodysuit is perfect to pair with that tulle skirt or midi skirt in your closet. I think it would look awesome with some paperbag pants too!

    9. Did some one say ruffle and off the shoulder?! YES, PLEASE!

    10. Save the best for last! If you are a sucker for all things striped and bows, then you NEED this!

  • Must Have Swimsuit for Every Mama!

    I discovered Albion Swimwear right after I had Isla can't believe that's 3 1/2 years ago already! I had just had my first baby and was struggling to feel cute in any kind of swimwear. Between breastfeeding and my entire body changing after giving birth I was desperate to feel cute when we headed to our first beach trip as a family. So i search and searched on instragram and that's when i cam across Albion. 

    I fell in love with their flamingo peplum 2 piece I felt like it fit like a flattering outfit you would wear during the day. Hugged at the smallest part of my body and flared out at just the right point. Plus the high waisted bottoms hit at the perfect spot. 

    I bought my second suit this year the striped top and palm bottoms and i LOVE them! this suit always makes me feel cute and still a fun mom!

    They just launched their new collection below are some of my favs from the newest collection and  from their current collection. Happy Shopping. I can't wait to see what you pick out!! Trust me you will become obsessed too.

  • Eek! Another Year Older

    So, every year for my birthday Cullen and I try to plan a birthday trip, but it would never work out. This week as my birthday was approaching I laughed and said I FINALLY get to have my birthday in a warm sunny place!! What a guy to have planned my birthday in Bali this year! (wink)

    I think the last warm birthday I had was in 6th grade we went on a cruise with my dad's work and I got to celebrate my birthday at sea...where I also had my first sip of alcohol (it was Baileys) -- and won $50 on the slots....but that's another story. LOL, what happens on a cruise stays on a cruise.

    So, the sacrifce of a warm birthday is missing out on one my favorite traditions back home.  

    First of all, we celebrate birthday octaves. So the whole month is one BIG celebration  and we always have a birthday dinner with my family. As the birthday girl you get to choose your favorite restaurant and everyone comes and it's a long meal of chatting, laughing and passing the kids around. Pure chaos but I love it! And usually towards the end of the meal someone will ask the birthday questions.

    What was your favorite thing about this year? 


    What do you look forward to in the year to come?

    Well, this year was pretty EPIC I couldn't pick just one this to share, so here are my TOP 10 BIG things that happened this year in chronological order.

    1. Rosewood Celebrated 5 Years in Business and had an EPIC 3 Days of celebrating at the store. I was SOO preggers but it was such a blast collaborating with all my favorites vendors! 

    2. I had my sweet baby girl Gisele. My husband Cullen was away on business and and the night he got home I went into labor 3 weeks early 🙂 I didn’t know my heart could burst with love for yet another girl.. Who would of thought you could love your second baby as much as your first!!

    3. Closed Rosewood after 5 years in business. BUT got to hand the keys of Rosewood To aweomse Girl Bosess KC and kate from Urban FitCo! They are opening in March so show them some LOVE!!

    4. We decided to sell everything we own to work and travel the world. We flew over  28 hours to start our year out in Bali for 2 months with 3 suitcases, and 2 girls.

    5. Started a blog …that you are reading right now. Never thought I would be a blogger BUT I’m having a blast documenting our life abroad. Also I’m super excited to be collaborating with some of my favorite brands this month!! Stay tuned.

    6. Started Isla Ford - a women’s and Kids brand… still in the works but check it out on Instagram here and our website is coming soon!

    7. Started Darling Market - In Bali I got to work with a local manufacture and tailor to make some of my own designs. Really excited to share them soon!

    8. Joined Rich House Media - I joined up with my husbands business to do little consulting. We help new business owners open their businesses, help existing businesses grow on social media and email marketing! CHECK IT OUT!

    9. Found my hidden strength - I was afraid that Rosewood defined who I was so much that closing the store I would lose some of my identity. But I’m finding that I have so much more to offer and so many other gifts while at the same time learning that motherhood is HARD! It’s always been a full time job but being in a foreign country and getting creative with how to   keep your girls entertained, fed and happy is a whole new learning experience.

    10. OH yeah and I let a monkey climb up my body for a photo op 🙂

    I never could of predicted this year to turn out the way it did and never did I imagine that 33 I would be traveling the world with my family. I'm looking forward to what this year brings and allowing myself to sit back and watch it unfold. I know something big is in store and I can't wait to see what it is!

  • Stripe Obsession

    You can never have enough stripes! These are my faves for spring right now:

    1. This off the shoulder top is perfect with jean shorts! 
    2. Tell my husband to wrap this dress up in a box with a plane ticket to Bermuda in it please!!
    Nordstrom bow sleeve dress.
    3. This dress reminds me of something I would see on one of my favorite bloggers Julia from Gal meets Glam on one of her amazing vacations. 🙂 
    4. This skirt is EVERYTHING!  I’m a sucker for skirts with slits recently! What do you think? Will you do this trend this spring?
    5. I've seen a version of this all throughout spring fashion week. Backless and a bow ---> Add it to the cart!
    6. Pretty much if a top is striped and it has ties I NEED it in my closet! Check it out here.
    7. This strapless top is a must. I can see it with white jeans, shorts or even wear it as a dress if you are as petite as me! LOVE!
    8.  Off the shoulder striped dress is airy and carefree. Just get me a cute straw hat and some Tory Burch sandals and I'm good to go.
    9. This essential off the shoulder top needs to be in every girl's closet.
    What’s a must for your spring wardrobe? What have you seen that you have to have this season?
  • Mini Getaway to Singapore

    It's hard to believe we've been in Bali and entire month now! When we arrived in early January I wasn't sure if the first month would go fast or slow, but this month seemed to fly by! With that being said when we arrived in Bali, jet lagged and with 2 kids we got the wrong entry visa! Has that ever happened to you? It's not too big of deal it's more of an incipience, because you have to leave the country and come back in. 

    So, Cullen had to book us a plane ticket to a different country so we could come back to Bali and get a another 30 day visa. I'm blaming this oversight on jet lag for sure!

    I swear we are ALWAYS learning. Whether you've  traveled a million times or this is your first time - there is always a learning curve.

    So Cullen booked us a flight to Singapore for 3 days. Part of me was excited to stay in a comfy hotel and another part of me was like HEY! I just got used to Bali life... I don’t want to go!

    If you've read my previous blog posts you’ll know that I like to stay in my comfort zone and I hate change. LOL. You probably think it's pretty funny that I’m traveling the world, right? Well, I’m trying so hard to be a little more laid back with traveling but it’s super hard! I like my cozy predictable life.

    Anyhow, we arrived to Singapore super late on Monday night and got us a taxi to drive us to our hotel. The next morning, we woke up feeling super jet lagged even though there was no time difference. Probably because of the crazy late arrival the night before.

    We headed to eat breakfast at Wild Honey. At this point, I didn’t know the exchange rate and our breakfast ended up costing around $100 US which is crazy expensive compared to the $10 Bali breakfast for the 4 of us! So from there on, we decided to eat more local food and not in some trendy restaurants.

    We packed a ton in. In just 3 days of being in Singapore, we saw China town, Little India, shopped, went to The Gardens by the Bay and did a lot of touristy things! We loved Tiong Bahru market which offers local food and a flower market. And of course, we had to see the pretty pastel houses in Koon Seng Road . All in all, it was a lovely little getaway.  The Singapore people are so kind and sweet and everyone speaks English which made getting around much easier.

    Not to mention lots of good shopping. I bought a few things while I was there. I really wanted everything from the store called The Editors Market but my credit card didn’t work and I had to say goodbye to the 6 pieces I picked out. 🙁 #firstworldproblems 

    Shopping is always on the itinerary where ever we go! Here are few of my other favorite stores that we were able to shop during our Singapore visit: 

    Seed Heritage
    Cotton On.. and a lot more!

    Even though Singapore wasn't really part of our to-go list in our Travel-the-World adventure, we ended up really enjoying our 3-day trip. We had a smooth flight home and got a new visa stamped in our passports which entitled us for 1 more month in Bali!

    Lesson learned - do your research on Visas. 🙂


  • Killing it or just plain crazy?

    Finding a new rhythm might be the hardest thing to do in any new place. 

     I’ve been MIA for the last 3 months while closing Rosewood (my women’s retail store).  So I’m busy trying to find myself and raising my two silly girls. Right now I’m finding that with the lack of toys and books, Isla is looking to me to be her everything. Which is fine, but some days this mama just needs a break! Can anyone relate?
    Also our sleep schedule has been off. My dad says it takes 13 days to get your sleep cycle back to normal, and he’s a guy who knows stuff:) LOL! So, I feel like once we find our new rhythm we will be in good shape. Right? Until then we will continue to be on our own version of the struggle bus.
    I’m finding there is a different vibe on vacation than there is when some place is your home. I don’t know why that’s been an epiphany recently, but it’s made me feel a tad better about how out of control our lives feel right now.
    So enjoy the antics of our first 2 weeks away. 
    These crazies are showing their true colors:
    Gisele has knocked two plates off her high chair at restaurants.
    Isla stuck a peanut up her nose.
    We’ve spilled countless drinks, which never happened at restaurants in the states.
    We’ve had to create time outs facing the wall b/c every where else is too exciting. 
    Our new punishment is no pool for the day if you act up.
    We all have been sleeping in different rooms so we can stay  asleep.
    Isla peed on a chair on a plane. 
    I think we hit the record for using the call button for the flight attendant on the plane.
    But I have to remember that we are KILLING IT in these areas:
    We’ve flown across the world with our two girls, and they were awesome on the plane. No screaming or disturbing others.
    Moved to a new town with only 3 suitcases and no other physical belongings.
    Isla and Gisele are happy, and we all feel safe.
    Isla has become famous here due to her blonde hair and because she’s cute… but I might be biased!
    No SNOW, just sunshine and rain!
    Living here is so cheap, and the food is delicious!
    We were brave and moved our family of 4 to travel the world. I have to remember that this is HUGE!
    We get to be all together for a year… that can be scary and fun at the same time!
    Isla finally loves the sand and the ocean.
    Oh yeah, and to all you moms out there, it’s $4 to get all our laundry washed, ironed and folded! That alone might make you move to Bali:)
    How are you killing it in your daily life, and what are your crazy kids doing? Also, do you do highs and lows of your day at dinner time? I think we are going to start doing that! 
    Share your sane and crazy moments with me! I want to know I’m not alone in this crazy world of motherhood!

  • I'm Kathryn. Girl boss turned wanderluster. I closed down my boutique of 5 years to travel the world with my family. I love being a mother and all the hilarious moments that go with it. I love coffee, pink, all things that sparkle, designing clothes, taking pictures of my girls, traveling and eating really good food.