We arrived in KL from our 8 hour flight from Australia and felt instantly at home in our rather large hotel room. They had already prepared the crib for Gisele and had complimentary snacks and water...which is always a bonus coming straight off the plane!

The beds were so comfortable and we had the most amazing view of Malaysia with their floor to ceiling windows. Big windows ALWAYS win over Isla. And for night time they had blackout curtains which Cullen is a fan of he sleeps best with NO light in the room at all!

Can we talk about how modern this hotel is? They have charging stations for your phone in the lobby, fun floor games to play, and amazing infinity rooftop pool that we spent a lot of time at.

Most importantly their brunch was AMAZING! They cater to people from all over the world so there were pancakes, dim sum, tikka masala, vegetarian, gluten free options, donuts! You name it, they had it...or they would make something to your liking. We only stayed here for a long weekend but they knew the girls names after the 1st day! I’m a sucker for people loving on my kids:)

Do you have a favorite hotel when you travel? Would love to hear!


I would definitely stay at another one of their properties.