Hard to believe this trip is almost over! Some days it feels like we just begun and other days it feels like we have been on this adventure FOREVER!

We seriously ended this trip in a perfect town, VIla Nova de Milfontes, Portugal. After an eight-month long adventure around the world, Cullen nailed it with this town. The beach is a 10-minute walk from our house and all the restaurants, playgrounds and grocery stores are right by us. Life is easy and laid back here and the people are warm and friendly.

Lonely Planet said it best,

One of the loveliest towns along this stretch of the coast, Vila Nova de Milfontes has an attractive, whitewashed centre, sparkling beaches nearby and a laid-back population who couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Milfontes remains much more low key than most resort towns...

The temperature is perfection warm during the day and chilly at night. The girls have changed so much here. Isla's picking up on the language...might speak it better than all of us and Gisele is officially walking and understanding everything we say. 

We are at the sweetest Airbnb where the owner, Fatima is like an Auntie to the girls and brings them cookies in the morning when she brings breakfast and kisses them on the foreheads. She and her mother have taught Gisele to say "ola, ola" and Fatima has taught Isla countless words and phrases. 

We've actually gotten into a routine here where we have our breakfast, go to the playground, come home, eat lunch and then head to the beach before nap time. 

It's truly a unique coast lined with cliffs and beaches on both sides of the river that leads out into the ocean. I've never seen anything quite like it. The water is so clear and clean and  COLD.  It's the perfect level for the girls to play, in even though the water was FREEZING they don't seem to care.



Feeling truly blessed to get to show my girls this gorgeous earth we live on. We've had so many magical moments along this crazy journey and can't wait for all of us to create more memories. I definitely feel like I  have two beach babes on my hands. Gisele will fearlessly crawl through the waves and Isla will run in and out screaming of joy. These girls keep me on my toes and I'm no longer the one sitting on the blanket not getting sandy (unless it's for a glamourous shot that lasts 5 seconds) instead I find myself on the sand building sand castles, making mermaid tails and splashing in the water with Isla and Gisele. 

In 2 days we will find ourselves on another beach, ( in the USA!!!) but this time with my family,  playing and laughing in the sand.  I seriously cannot wait for this moment with my people!