After traveling for 8 months most of you have been asking what I brought for Baby Gisele. So, I'm rounding up my MUST HAVE  items you can't leave home without when you're traveling the states or internationally.

  1. Make My Day Soft Silicone Baby Bib Blue/white with Pearls- Seriously don't invest in any other bib out there! this bib catches food/liquid. It's the only bib we brought on our 8-month journey and it's been amazing. Super easy to wash or wipe clean and Gisele isn't able to rip it off! Cute boy version here too.
  2. Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup Don't even waste your time with any other cup to teach your baby/toddler to drink. This cup took Gisels a few days to get the hang of but once she did it was amazing! I can throw it in my purse and it won't leak. She can knock it over and it won't spill. So thankful my Sister-in-law brought this when she came to visit us.  Toddler version here: Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup
  3. Also a huge fan of these little snack cups. Munchkin 2 Piece Snack Catcher easy to travel with and most the time the snacks don't escape all over my purse!
  4. The Gathre Mat. You might have heard me talk about this mat before but after using it for the last 8months at the beach, the airport and the playground this mat is not just a regular mat! It keeps the sand off and doesn't get stains. It's super soft to sit on and really cute too. We only have to bring our Gathre mat and a towel to the beach now because we can all fit on the Gathre mat and then use the towel to dry off
  5. Baby K'tan- one of the easiest baby wraps I've ever owned. I can put it on with Gisele in it under 10 seconds. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!You can wear it a ton of ways and when a place wasn't stroller friendly I would throw on my Baby K'tan and go.
  6. Marcus & Marcus Collapsible Silicone Bowl - Pokey the Pig
  7. This Skip Hop Chelsea Diaper Bag was amazing. It cute to wear and can also be a backpack. It has insulated pockets for bottles and comes with a changing pad. Also, cheaper options are here and here
  8. For smelly diapers on the go, this is a MUST Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Refills. Not every Airbnb or hotel can change the trash that often so we really need to make sure our smelly diapers didn't smell up the entire house/hotel. A MUST even if you aren't traveling!
  9. BRICA Fold N' Go Travel Bassinet we didn't bring this on this trip because she was too big for it but if you are traveling with a baby at 1-7 months this is a perfect size. We've brought ours to Guatemala, Florida, and NY to name a few places. it folds up and is super packable.
  10. Honest Baby Soap these lasted us 5 months. It's really hard to find the right soaps and oils in Asia and even Europe. These are super packable and I knew that my girl's skin wouldn't break out or have an allergic reaction to anything. New diapers in foreign countries were enough of a struggle we didn't need to try new soaps too.
  11. Neat Solutions Neat-Ware Table Topper most places lacked a high chair. I didn't bring these with me but in retrospect, I wish I did. I used to use them for Isla and these would have been amazing to have this year abroad.

Would love to hear from you and what you can't travel without!