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  • Breckenridge and the FIRST snow fall!

    While staying in Frisco we decided to visit Breckenridge since it's only 20 minutes up the road.  If I had to rate my fav town this weekend it would be Breckenridge, Frisco and then Vail!

    Cullen and the girls and I headed to a cute little children's museum and then got juice and smoothie bowls at_____. Breckenridge has a pretty chill vibe to it and super artsy! I loved a number of families roaming around and all the cute little boutiques, restaurants and this little crepe truck we saw:) There was a really fun art installation that the girls loved and my favorite thing of all is the leaves were changing!!!

    Then headed back for naps and cozy time by the fireplace. It rained the rest of the afternoon BUT then the rain turned into SNOW!!!!!!That's right I just wrote SNOW! I wouldn't say that I love snow, but there is something about it snowing in the mountains that is just magical!

    In all my life I've never seen SNOW in September!! it was pretty dreamy being in the mountains and coming out of dinner to see the top of the mountains covered:) As we headed back home the next day all we could do was ooh and ahh while gazing at the snow cap mountains. then the fog, and then the leaves changing colors it was such sight and I felt so thankful that we got to enjoy such beauty!



  • Weekend Getaway to the Mountains

    Headed to the mountains last weekend for my SIL's Ember & Aura pop-up shop in Vail. This was my first time in Vail and my first time really being in the mountains, AND I  LOVED IT! How have I been a beach girl for the last 9 months but now I feel more like a mountain girl!! Can you be both? 

    We drove up to Vail on Thursday before we checked into our Airbnb. It was simply breathtaking... you kinda felt like you were in the Swiss Alps and not in Colorado! We ate at a yummy little beer garden where we were surrounded by people speaking all different languages.  The girls were charming everyone as they laughed and walked through town. Isla found a fountain that she decided she wanted to splash in even though it was 60 degrees out! After that, we found some new friends big bird and Elmo and then headed to our Airbnb. Which I thought Vail was adorable but Frisco charmed me instantly and maybe was more my speed. A cute charming town that truly looked like a mountain town surrounded by the mountains gorgeous blue skies and lots of cute boutiques and restaurants. 

    The next day I helped my SIL with her Sustainable Vail Pop-up for a few hours and did some window shopping and then headed back to have lunch with the girls! 

    Seriously love the vibe of the mountains, how they make you feel in awe and at peace with everything. So thankful for all our little trips around Colorado to get a better feel of our beautiful country!

    Have you visited Colorado? Do you have a favorite spot that we must see?? I would love to know!

  • Eek! Another Year Older

    So, every year for my birthday Cullen and I try to plan a birthday trip, but it would never work out. This week as my birthday was approaching I laughed and said I FINALLY get to have my birthday in a warm sunny place!! What a guy to have planned my birthday in Bali this year! (wink)

    I think the last warm birthday I had was in 6th grade we went on a cruise with my dad's work and I got to celebrate my birthday at sea...where I also had my first sip of alcohol (it was Baileys) -- and won $50 on the slots....but that's another story. LOL, what happens on a cruise stays on a cruise.

    So, the sacrifce of a warm birthday is missing out on one my favorite traditions back home.  

    First of all, we celebrate birthday octaves. So the whole month is one BIG celebration  and we always have a birthday dinner with my family. As the birthday girl you get to choose your favorite restaurant and everyone comes and it's a long meal of chatting, laughing and passing the kids around. Pure chaos but I love it! And usually towards the end of the meal someone will ask the birthday questions.

    What was your favorite thing about this year? 


    What do you look forward to in the year to come?

    Well, this year was pretty EPIC I couldn't pick just one this to share, so here are my TOP 10 BIG things that happened this year in chronological order.

    1. Rosewood Celebrated 5 Years in Business and had an EPIC 3 Days of celebrating at the store. I was SOO preggers but it was such a blast collaborating with all my favorites vendors! 

    2. I had my sweet baby girl Gisele. My husband Cullen was away on business and and the night he got home I went into labor 3 weeks early 🙂 I didn’t know my heart could burst with love for yet another girl.. Who would of thought you could love your second baby as much as your first!!

    3. Closed Rosewood after 5 years in business. BUT got to hand the keys of Rosewood To aweomse Girl Bosess KC and kate from Urban FitCo! They are opening in March so show them some LOVE!!

    4. We decided to sell everything we own to work and travel the world. We flew over  28 hours to start our year out in Bali for 2 months with 3 suitcases, and 2 girls.

    5. Started a blog …that you are reading right now. Never thought I would be a blogger BUT I’m having a blast documenting our life abroad. Also I’m super excited to be collaborating with some of my favorite brands this month!! Stay tuned.

    6. Started Isla Ford - a women’s and Kids brand… still in the works but check it out on Instagram here and our website is coming soon!

    7. Started Darling Market - In Bali I got to work with a local manufacture and tailor to make some of my own designs. Really excited to share them soon!

    8. Joined Rich House Media - I joined up with my husbands business to do little consulting. We help new business owners open their businesses, help existing businesses grow on social media and email marketing! CHECK IT OUT!

    9. Found my hidden strength - I was afraid that Rosewood defined who I was so much that closing the store I would lose some of my identity. But I’m finding that I have so much more to offer and so many other gifts while at the same time learning that motherhood is HARD! It’s always been a full time job but being in a foreign country and getting creative with how to   keep your girls entertained, fed and happy is a whole new learning experience.

    10. OH yeah and I let a monkey climb up my body for a photo op 🙂

    I never could of predicted this year to turn out the way it did and never did I imagine that 33 I would be traveling the world with my family. I'm looking forward to what this year brings and allowing myself to sit back and watch it unfold. I know something big is in store and I can't wait to see what it is!