I posted this look on Instagram and it got rave review so I'm posting were I got this look from. Believe it or not it's TWO pieces. I've worn both these items so many times this year. Confession! The top is a body suit! I know I can't believe I'm embracing this trend again...BUT I am. I didn't think I would be a bodysuit person but I kinda have become an addict. I brought 5 bodysuits with me for this year abroad. Two v-neck tee body suits, a ruffle off the shoulder, a multi way one and this v low cut one. I love that you don't have to mess with trying to keep your shirt tucked in and you can truly dress them up or down! I've been wearing mine with this double slit skirt, ripped jean shorts, nicer shorts from anthropology and maxi skirts. 

For all my girls that like to keep things plain and simple. These are the bodysuits for you!

1. This deep V Neck Bodysuit is a sure thing. Wear it with high waisted jeans, cut off shorts, or a maxi skirt. and it's so easy. You don't have to fuss with it to keep it tucked in:)

2. Because you would be a fool to just by the deep v bodysuit in just one color.

3. Is a bodysuit already a stretch for you? Then try this basic stripe one. You will surely fool all your friends into thinking it's just a plain ole top.

4. This crew neck tee is great for layering and similar to the basic V-neck can go with just about any bottom. Comes in 5 different colors.

5. I don't know about you but I can't get enough of the off the shoulder trend this year! This Off the shoulder bodysuit is calling my name.


Love getting dressed up or wearing skirts and can never find the right tops? I'm pretty sure bodysuits are the answer! 

6. I just keep seeing this trend with the bow in the back of the bodysuit and I really really want one of these for myself but we are in Summer weather here, and it just doesn't make sense. tear.

7. I actually packed this convertible bodysuit in my suitcase and I'm so glad I did. You can wear it up to 12 different ways. It's given me tons of options since i can't pack a ton.

8. This classic Deep V- neck Bodysuit is perfect to pair with that tulle skirt or midi skirt in your closet. I think it would look awesome with some paperbag pants too!

9. Did some one say ruffle and off the shoulder?! YES, PLEASE!

10. Save the best for last! If you are a sucker for all things striped and bows, then you NEED this!