The way to my heart is a photoshoot! It doesn’t matter if it’s me or the girls. I love having amazing pictures to cherish. So for an early Christmas gift I treated myself to a Dreamy Photoshoot by Merritt from Merritt Lee Photography. She has the most beautiful studio and made my photo shoot dreams come to life.

So, every Dreamy Photoshoot starts with a POP TART from Starbucks…right? Isla was hungry and when we got there Miss Merritt offered her a pop tart! Lol! She was a favorite in Isla’s book right from the start!

But really, Merritt made these amazing tissue flowers and had tutu du monde dresses for the girls! Not to mention we were there for 4 hours and the girls did not get grumpy or tired (except Gisele see pic below) the entire time.

Headband, Cape & Dress

Suit, My Dress, baby Headband, Girls Dresses