This was totally a bucket list day!! I never thought we would see austraila, let a lone on of the wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef. We totally got the hook up from Tourism Port Douglas to go on Calypso Reef Tours.

I wasn't sure how it would go considering the girls hadn't been on a boat yet but they did awesome. They did not get in the water because the water was super choppy but they were amazing on the boat. Cullen and I did the parent relay race, where one parent gets to go snorkeling and the other watches the girls and then we trade.

I do have to say when it used to be just Cullen and I we were a team in the water and he would point out fish or cool things and i would nod and laugh...not really sure what he was pointing to. But it was kinda our thing. So i missed that but was glad to get to see the reef on this trip.

The crew was really aweomse. They made sure we were taken care of. We got on they fitted us for masks and flippers and we all had to wear stinger suits (which kinda made me feel like a more legit snorkeler lol) just in case we came in contact with some stingers or jelly fish.

Right when we got out onto the water they served high tea, including tea, coffee, and biscuits! YUM! Then we hit up the first of our 3 reef stops. They reef got more and more beautiful by the last stop, which i guess was their plan all along. The crew filled us in on what to be on the look out for when before we snorkeled the reefs. I loved this part because i feel like I never know what i'm looking at or seeing and this made me feel like i was a reef guru.

Half way threw the day we had an amazing lunch of sandwiches, salads and dessert. After we hit the last reef we had another tea and then we headed back home. AND THEN this is when i discovered Rum and coke in a can! Where has this been all my life? It was really good! Just saying!

Well, the girls killed it on this excursion. I'm giving them a 8/10 for an 8 hour day of sitting on the boat while your parents have fun. Notice it's not a 10/10 because they need something to strive for, right?