From now on I'm going to start my weeks off with highs and lows! I think it will help me reflect on the week past and it will be fun to go back and read with every new place we visit! Can't believe this is our last week in Port Douglas. We  head to Sydney this Friday to meet up with my parents!! I'm not sure who is more excited me or Isla! I seriously think I might cry when I see them!! Friday can't come soon enough!

Loving the Australian Accent

Not a fan of  jelly fish and croc warnings at the beach. They have vinegar in a bottle just incase you get stung:) Ekk! No thanks!
Loving the vibe in Port Douglas. It’s so chill here and all the shops are so cute. Love the fact that you can walk everywhere.
Not a fan of how long it takes mail to get here. I order some things from when we were in Bali… Which was a month ago from Australian companies and they are still NOT here!
Loving morning walks on the beach and evening swims (when there is no jelly fish) and evening strolls.
Not a fan of being exhausted last week. I hit a wall last week and was sick and in bed for two days! No fun!
Loving having a car here so we can take day trips on a whim.
Not a fan of Gisele eating everything in sight. Somehow i forgot about the crawling phase when you get any crumbs, leaves or sand. 
Loving how Isla and Gisele are playing together more and more. In the morning I’ll find Isla in Gisele’s Pack n play and they are laughing and kicking their feet
Not a fan of the time difference between here and the states. Makes it hard to get a hold of family and friends. 
Loving my Gathre Mat! It seriously comes to the rescue on every adventure we’ve been on!
Not a fan of the white dragon fruit… that’s right i’m being a DIVA about my dragon fruit. 
Loving Sam from Port Douglas Tourism he has been so helpful with booking excursions and advising on the it things for us to do while were here.
Not a fan of Cyclone Debbie that's suppose to be making appearance this week. NO THANKS!
Loving the views from all around the island. This place is so picturesque.
Well we are packing in lots of excursions this week since it's a our last week here (tear) So stay tuned for some amazing pictures from the Great Barrier  Reef, and our walkabout adventure.