It's hard to believe we've been in Bali and entire month now! When we arrived in early January I wasn't sure if the first month would go fast or slow, but this month seemed to fly by! With that being said when we arrived in Bali, jet lagged and with 2 kids we got the wrong entry visa! Has that ever happened to you? It's not too big of deal it's more of an incipience, because you have to leave the country and come back in. 

So, Cullen had to book us a plane ticket to a different country so we could come back to Bali and get a another 30 day visa. I'm blaming this oversight on jet lag for sure!

I swear we are ALWAYS learning. Whether you've  traveled a million times or this is your first time - there is always a learning curve.

So Cullen booked us a flight to Singapore for 3 days. Part of me was excited to stay in a comfy hotel and another part of me was like HEY! I just got used to Bali life... I don’t want to go!

If you've read my previous blog posts you’ll know that I like to stay in my comfort zone and I hate change. LOL. You probably think it's pretty funny that I’m traveling the world, right? Well, I’m trying so hard to be a little more laid back with traveling but it’s super hard! I like my cozy predictable life.

Anyhow, we arrived to Singapore super late on Monday night and got us a taxi to drive us to our hotel. The next morning, we woke up feeling super jet lagged even though there was no time difference. Probably because of the crazy late arrival the night before.

We headed to eat breakfast at Wild Honey. At this point, I didn’t know the exchange rate and our breakfast ended up costing around $100 US which is crazy expensive compared to the $10 Bali breakfast for the 4 of us! So from there on, we decided to eat more local food and not in some trendy restaurants.

We packed a ton in. In just 3 days of being in Singapore, we saw China town, Little India, shopped, went to The Gardens by the Bay and did a lot of touristy things! We loved Tiong Bahru market which offers local food and a flower market. And of course, we had to see the pretty pastel houses in Koon Seng Road . All in all, it was a lovely little getaway.  The Singapore people are so kind and sweet and everyone speaks English which made getting around much easier.

Not to mention lots of good shopping. I bought a few things while I was there. I really wanted everything from the store called The Editors Market but my credit card didn’t work and I had to say goodbye to the 6 pieces I picked out. 🙁 #firstworldproblems 

Shopping is always on the itinerary where ever we go! Here are few of my other favorite stores that we were able to shop during our Singapore visit: 

Seed Heritage
Cotton On.. and a lot more!

Even though Singapore wasn't really part of our to-go list in our Travel-the-World adventure, we ended up really enjoying our 3-day trip. We had a smooth flight home and got a new visa stamped in our passports which entitled us for 1 more month in Bali!

Lesson learned - do your research on Visas. 🙂