Traveling gets harder with kids, especially when you add a piece of luggage and a stroller. Don't get me wrong, I'm obsessed with our stroller (link here), but It's not that compact. So, when we knew we were leaving Asia and headed to Europe to road trip for two weeks before settling down in Portugal, we knew we might need to find another way to get our luggage from Salzburg to Portugal (and hopefully skipping the cities in between like, especially Venice)

Then I remembered reading that Amber from Barefoot Blonde's Blog had written about using a service called Send My Bags it just that. It sends your bags to your destination for you. At the time I was thinking this was a genius idea but not sure I would need it. Well, I was wrong here we were flying into Prague and road tripping it for two weeks, and there was no way to pack everything in our car, especially in Venice Italy in our future. For those of you who haven't been you have to lug your suitcases all over the tiny, charming street of Venice to get to your apartment as well as take them up and down many bridge stairs so this was just not a possibility for us with two kids and a stroller.

So I reached out to Send my Bags to see if they wanted to Collab and they did! I wasn't sure what I could pack and how much I could pack. But I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of luggage sizes and weights you could send.

So I packed my big suitcase and Cullens' carry on with anything we wouldn't need for the next two weeks and packed ONE CARRY Carry on size bag for the 4 of us for the next two weeks! (Patting myself on the back)

The suitcases were super easy to prepare we just had to print out forms to attach to the bags with string and then we left them at the front desk to pick up between the time of 9-5pm. Honestly, this part would have been inconvenient if we were at an Airbnb and had to stay home all day to wait for them. So I would suggest staying at a hotel or doing it on a day where you don't plan on going anywhere. They did come promptly at 10 am, but you never know.

So once the bags were out of our hands, they were supposed to arrive in one week to our house in Portugal. They came two days early, and our host was able to meet them and hold them until we arrived.

Both our bags were in great shape, and all the contents were in perfect condition. I'd use them again. It was hassle free and took a huge weight off our shoulders (literally, lol). So next time I can just sit back and relax and know that all my favorite things will arrive safe and sound.

**They are great if you are moving cross country, headed to college, flying with golf clubs or skis and don't want to worry about lost luggage.

Send My Bags sponsored this post but all opinions are my own.