Breckenridge and the FIRST snow fall! - While staying in Frisco we decided to visit Breckenridge since it's only 20 minutes up the road.  If I had to rate my fav town this weekend it would be Breckenridge, Frisco and then Vail! Cullen and the girls and I headed to a cute little children's museum and then got juice and smoothie bowls […]
Weekend Getaway to the Mountains - Headed to the mountains last weekend for my SIL's Ember & Aura pop-up shop in Vail. This was my first time in Vail and my first time really being in the mountains, AND I  LOVED IT! How have I been a beach girl for the last 9 months but now I feel more like a […]
Colorado Springs, The Garden of the Gods Park - So guys, I' think I'm becoming a mountain person!! It's crazy to think we've spent the last 8 months living by the beach and although I loved it I am truly taken with the mountains right now! The Garden of the Gods is so breathtaking and there is something about driving down a road and then all of […]
Road Trip to Little Rock & Fort Worth - It's hard to believe we've been back in the states for 1 MONTH! Ahhh, where is the time going? We've been to Sea Girt, New Jersey; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Troy, Ohio; Terra Haute, Indiana; Risco, Missouri; Little Rock, Arkansas; Fort Wort, Texas; Amarillo, Texas and making our way to Denver, Colorado for the entire month of […]
Beach Life in Vila Nova De Milfontes, Portugal - Hard to believe this trip is almost over! Some days it feels like we just begun and other days it feels like we have been on this adventure FOREVER! We seriously ended this trip in a perfect town, VIla Nova de Milfontes, Portugal. After an eight-month long adventure around the world, Cullen nailed it with […]
Cruise Ship Overnight in Queenstown - Over Night to Queenstown Anytime I’ve been on a cruise I”ve only done day excursions. On this cruise with my parents they wanted to do the overnight. I was alittle skeptical of how good could it actually be for the amazing price. But my parents talked to another couple on the boat and they said […]
Great Barrier Reef - This was totally a bucket list day!! I never thought we would see austraila, let a lone on of the wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef. We totally got the hook up from Tourism Port Douglas to go on Calypso Reef Tours. I wasn't sure how it would go considering the girls hadn't […]
Last Week in Port Douglas - From now on I'm going to start my weeks off with highs and lows! I think it will help me reflect on the week past and it will be fun to go back and read with every new place we visit! Can't believe this is our last week in Port Douglas. We  head to Sydney this […]
Mini Getaway to Singapore - It's hard to believe we've been in Bali and entire month now! When we arrived in early January I wasn't sure if the first month would go fast or slow, but this month seemed to fly by! With that being said when we arrived in Bali, jet lagged and with 2 kids we got the […]